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Reference librarian assisting patron in the Iowa Law Library.

The State Library provides a range of information services for Iowans and anyone else interested in the state government of Iowa. Our helpful reference librarians assist thousands of people each year with locating information, tracking down data, and answering questions about Iowa and beyond. The State Library also provides several online resources for the public, from exploring Iowa's cultural history, accessing archived state documents, to career training and more. Find out more about our resources, programs, and services below.

Online Resources for Iowans

The State Library provides a variety of Online Resources for Iowans. Some are available to all online users, while others require a State Library card to access or are only available for use in the Law Library. Browse the State Library catalog, find thousands of documents produced by Iowa state agencies, explore Iowa history and culture with free access to digital collections, and more.

Programs for Iowans

The State Library offers two main programs for Iowans:

All Iowa ReadsEstablished in 2003, the purpose of All Iowa Reads is to foster a sense of unity through reading. Iowans are encouraged to come together in their communities to read and talk about a single book title in the same calendar year. All Iowa Reads consists of three programs, each with one title chosen per year: adults, teens ages 12-18, and kids ages 8-12. 

State Data CenterThe State Data Center of Iowa is the source for population, housing, business and government statistics about Iowa, including data from the U.S. Census Bureau, Iowa state agencies, and other state and federal sources. Browse quick facts about Iowa and its counties and cities, read profiles on Iowa's demographic populations, explore and export data, and more.

Services for Iowans

The State Library provides services to Iowans and other users from around the country and world. Click the links below to find out more:

State Library reference librarians can help with navigating Iowa state government, locating information, or research assistance:

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