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The State Library sponsors an endorsement program for the Iowa library community. We currently award certifications with Director, Staff, or Youth Services Endorsements. The program is intended to:

  • Improve library service in Iowa by developing the skills of public library directors and staff
  • Provide recognition for public librarians
  • Enhance the public image of librarians and libraries
  • Provide guidelines that public library boards may use in developing staff hiring policies


Application for Endorsement & Renewal

Use this form to apply for a new endorsement, request changes to a current endorsement, or renew your endorsement.

To renew your endorsement:

  • Directors: earn 45 Hours of CE in a three-year period
  • Staff & Youth Services: earn 30 hours of CE in a three-year period

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions about the Endosrsement Program? Review the FAQ to see if they're answered there. Otherwise, contact the CE Consultant.

Staff Contact

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Endorsement Program Track Map

Our Endorsement coursework is modular and builds upon itself. All endorsements start with 4 core courses, each made up of several modules. The various endorsements all have slightly different add-ons to that core. Below is a map of the tracks currently offered. Keep scrolling to see the required courses and their modules for Staff, Directors, and Youth Services. 

Click for a larger version of the track map image.

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Review the courses and their modules:

Core Courses

1. Library Foundations

  • Principles of a Noble Profession
  • City-Library Team & Support Organizations
  • Library as Place
  • Principles of Intellectual Freedom
  • Discussion Section

2. Intro to Public Services

  • Knowing Your Community
  • Providing Library Services
  • Customer Service
  • Library Programming
  • Telling the Library Story
  • Discussion Section

3. We’re All Tech Librarians

  • Digital Literacy
  • Technology in the Library
  • Discussion Section

4. Library Law

  • Overview of Library Law
  • Open Meetings, Open Records
  • Serving Families
  • Common Q&A
  • Discussion Section

Director Courses

1. Policy Development

  • Library Policies: An Overview
  • Policy: Philosophy & Regulations
  • Policy: Procedures & Guidelines
  • Legal Issues & Other Considerations

2. Collection Management

  • Building Your Collection
  • Maintaining Your Collection
  • Cataloging, Access, & Classification
  • Ready to Weed

3. Budget & Finance

  • Free Libraries Aren’t Free
  • Budgets & the Law
  • Budget Processes
  • Budget Presentations

4. HR & Volunteer Management

  • Library HR & the Law
  • Job Descriptions
  • Successful Hiring
  • Performance Evaluations
  • Disciplining & Firing

Youth Services Course

Library Services for Youth

  • Serving Ages 0-6
  • Serving Ages 7-12
  • Services for Ages 12-18
  • Outreach
  • Collection Development
  • Programming