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Public Library Annual Survey and Statistics

We ask Iowa public libraries to participate in the Annual Survey, due each year on Oct. 31. Data submitted in the Annual Survey is used on the local, regional, state, and federal levels. Filing a complete annual survey is one of the requirements to receive Enrich Iowa: Direct State Aid funding.

The FY23 Annual Survey

Covers July 1, 2022 to June 30, 2023

The FY23 Public Library Annual Survey will be available in August, 2023 - Due Date October 31, 2023.

  • We will send a notice to all public library directors with the link to the survey, user name, password, and instructions.
  • You will be able to download a print version of both the survey and instructions. However, the final report should be submitted on the online form only.
  • You can request your login information by contacting Toni Blair.

Files for FY23 Annual Survey

Annual Survey Login
Use this link to login to the online survey and to view previous years' reports. You will be able to view FY00-FY22 surveys in PDF or web formats. You can save or print the reports. Use the online report only - do not submit print versions of the report.

FY23 Annual Survey Signature Page
All libraries submitting an annual survey must also submit a Signature Page to certify accuracy.

FY23 Annual Survey Print Version
Use the print version of the survey for data gathering only. Please use the online form to submit your data. 

FY23 Annual Survey Instructions
A printable PDF version of the annual survey instructions.

FY23 Electronic Resources help for annual survey
Electronic items are getting more complicated to report on the survey. Use this page to help you decide how to best report your electronic resources. 


Other Useful Links and Files

Online Tutorials
These tutorials cover the interface of the software used for the annual survey.

Institute of Museums and Library Services Search and Compare Tool

National data, publications, and peer comparisons for public libraries, also data for State Library agencies.

Library Research Service

The Library Research Service in Colorado provides research information on libraries nationwide.


Updated 8/1/2023