Direct State Aid


Direct State Aid funding is distributed through a formula that includes:

  • Per capita amount based on the population of the city and level of compliance with quality measures
  • Three percent of the amount of funding received by the library in the previous fiscal year for service to rural residents and contracting communities
  • The Direct State Aid report and Public Library Annual Survey are two of the requirements for Direct State Aid
  • Public libraries must participate in Open Access and Interlibrary Loan reimbursement in order to receive Direct State Aid funding
  • For more detailed information on how Direct State Aid funding is determined refer to the Enrich Iowa FAQ


Direct State Aid FY22 - Current Fiscal year


Direct State Aid funds have been distributed for the current fiscal year FY22. All Direct State Aid funds must be spend by June 30, 2021.


Direct State Aid reports for FY22 are due July 31, 2022. Reports will be available in early July 2022.


  • Direct State Aid Online Report Form for FY22 - Coming July 2022 - All public libraries that received Direct State Aid funding for FY22 must file a report by July 31, 2022. The online report form requires a user name and password. This information will be sent to all library directors in early July. Or you can contact Toni Blair.


Direct State Aid FY23 - Upcoming fiscal Year


Updated 5/5/2022