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State Documents Archive

The State Library maintains the official archive of documents from State of Iowa government and publications from state agencies. Documents and publications are stored in both in hardcopy as well as digital formats. The State Library partners with state agencies to archive state publications online to expand access for Iowans and beyond.

Iowa Publications Online

Iowa Publications Online (IPO) is a web-based repository of documents produced by State of Iowa agencies intended for use by the general public. State agencies are encouraged to partner with IPO for a permanent, secure location to archive publications including reports, newsletters, and other publications meant for Iowa citizens. Archiving with IPO also meets the statutory requirement set for state agencies by Iowa code.

Find out more about depositing with IPO or browse the IPO archive at the links below.

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State Documents in the State Library Collection

The State Library maintains a physical collection of state documents that can be borrowed with a State Library card. Access the collection through the State Library Catalog at the link below. Click "Advanced Search" to select specific state document collection(s) to search or browse.

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Depository Library Program

The State Documents Depository Library Program provides a core list of Iowa government publications to be selected and shipped to participating depository libraries throughout Iowa. This service guarantees regional and local access to the most important Iowa government publications. For more information, or to request to become a depository library, contact Tom Keyser.


Email the State Library IPO team or call 1-800-248-4483.

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