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Deposit with Iowa Publications Online

Iowa Publications Online (IPO) is a web-based repository of documents produced by State of Iowa agencies intended for use by the general public. State agencies are encouraged to partner with IPO for a permanent, secure location to archive publications including reports, newsletters, and other publications meant for Iowa citizens. Archiving with IPO meets the statutory requirement set for state agencies in Iowa law.

IPO currently accepts reports, newsletters and other publications meant for Iowa citizens. File formats accepted are Adobe PDF, HTML, and Microsoft Word. Adobe PDF is the preferred format because of its universal acceptance. If the document you would like to deposit is an interactive website, database, and/or is not one of the accepted formats, it may not be possible to deposit it at the present time. The IPO team is working to make it possible to deposit and archive other formats of documents in the future.

Examples of documents that should be included in IPO are:

  • Annual Reports
  • Reports mandated by Iowa Code
  • Statistical Reports
  • Newsletters
  • Other publications meant for Iowa citizens

Become a Depositor

The State Library IPO team assists state agencies to set up accounts and train staff on the process to deposit publications into IPO. Agencies can request depositor status by completing the form below and clicking "Submit."