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Continuing Education (CE) Opportunities

The State Library offers many ways for librarians to earn CE credit, including through live in-person and online events, self-paced courses, as well as annual special events. In addition, librarians can also go to outside providers for courses, serve as an instructor for an activity, participate in library association activites, write a library-related article, and more to earn credit.

Content considered foundational to working in an Iowa public library is available through the Endorsement Program. The State Library's ongoing CE offerings build on that content to:

  • Highlight library trends
  • Equip library staff with new skills
  • Support the State Library's strategic plan

For more details on eligible and ineligible activities for CE credit, click the link below.

How to Earn CE Credit

CE Opportunities from the State Library

Live Courses

The State Library offers ongoing live courses in both webinar and in-person formats. Check out the right sidebar for upcoming live CE opportunities, or browse the full CE Events calendar at the link below. Click the link in the event description to login and register for the course in IA Learns.

CE Events Calendar

Recorded and Self-Paced Courses

Watch recorded webinars and complete a quiz to earn CE credit. Browse self-paced courses in IA Learns or go to the State Library CE YouTube channel (check the description below the YouTube video for a direct link to the course in IA Learns) for courses that interest you.

IA Learns    CE YouTube Channel

The State Library makes every effort to cross-post to YouTube, but sometimes (contractual reasons, for example) we are not able to do this.

Check out these featured playlists on YouTube:

  • Kernels: each short video is an overview of a program, service, or library methodology applied in a public library setting. 
  • Check it Out: a webinar series spotlighting the best new books for ages 0-18.
  • Boardroom Series: follows a book discussion format, and gives participants a chance to review library-related titles and apply them in their community.  

Special Events

The State Library offers several different annual or bi-annual events and conferences for Iowa librarians. Click the link below to find out more.

CE Special Events

CE Opportunities from Outside Organizations

Other CE Providers

There are many opportunities to earn CE hours outside of the State Library's offerings. The list below is a good place to start. Many providers offer courses for free, others will charge. 

The State Library of Wyoming also provides a thorough list of free library-related CE happening around the country each month.

If you complete a course from an outside provider and you wish to see the hours reflected on your IA Learns transcript, complete a Request for External CE Hours form:

Request for External CE Hours Form

More Information and Questions

Still have questions about whether an activity can be counted as CE? Contact the CE Consultant.