Official State of Iowa Website

Find My Local Library

Use this interactive map to locate your nearest public library. The map pulls information from the Iowa Library Directory, an online database for Iowa library information. This serves as the definitive resource the State Library uses to track information about Iowa libraries and is also available for Iowans and visitors to locate and connect with their local public library. 

Filter data by county, population size, and library district by using the drop downs. Click on a location to display a pop up with library information, including address and phone number as well as links to the library website and detail page in the Iowa Library Directory. 

Error Message in Chrome

If you are attempting to access the map in Chrome and receive an "unexpected error" message, there is a fix in your Chrome settings: under Settings > Privacy > Content settings, change the cookies settings to "Allow local data to be set."

Alternatively, you can use a different browser such as Firefox to access the map.