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State Library Policies & Fees

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Circulation Policy


The purpose of the Circulation Policy is to define approved practices for the registration of library patrons, circulation of library materials, a fines and fees schedule, and the suspension of library privileges.

Who Can Get a Library Card

  • Residents of Iowa
    • Must live or pay property taxes in Iowa.
    • Provide proof of address – Photo ID (valid Iowa Driver’s License or non-driver ID, Military ID, US Passport), School ID if high-school age or younger
    • May apply in person, by mail, or online
  • Employees of State of Iowa
    • Provide proof of address – Photo ID (valid Iowa Driver’s License or non-driver ID, Military ID, US Passport)
    • Must provide State ID verification

Types of Cards

  • Individual: allows access to State Library’s collection, reference assistance, and online resources.
  • State Employee: same as an individual, plus allows requests for materials via interlibrary loan; may have items delivered.

Library Card Renewal

Library cards expire regularly.

Loan Periods

Materials marked for circulating check out for three weeks and may be renewed once if there are no holds on the item. Renewals may be done online through the library’s catalog.

Holding materials

Library materials may be placed on hold with your library card through the online catalog. Patrons will be contacted by email and the material will be held for 5 days.

Suspension of Library Privileges

Library privileges will be suspended or cancelled when:

  • The library card has expired
  • Patron has outstanding debt to the State Library

Confidentiality of Patron Records

The State of Iowa has deemed patron records to be confidential as cited in Chapter 22.7 of the Code of Iowa. The State Librarian is the custodian of records.

Approved by the Iowa Commision of Libraries March 7, 2018

Internet Use Policy

The State Library offers access to the internet to enhance the library's collections of information resources and is intended for the educational and informational use of library customers. Internet access is offered through public computers and free Wi-Fi in the Law Library. The full Internet Use Policy for the State Library is located in Iowa Administrative Code Section 286, Chapter 7.

Read 286 IAC 7

Law Library Policies

Photography Policy

Photography in the Law Library is allowed during open hours from within the accessible visitor space. Photographers should be aware of others working withing the space and minimize disruptions. Furniture may not be moved. 

Special Events Policy

During open hours, the library is a public workspace and destination for visitors. The Law Library is not available to reserve for private events. Requests to access the Law Library after hours will not be granted.

Meeting Room Use Policy

This policy applies to the Forrest Spaulding Conference Room #310 in the Miller Building.


The primary purpose of the State Library meeting room is the facilitation of library-related activities and activities of other building occupants. When the room is not being used for these purposes, it will be available to other users on a first come, first served basis.

Availability of the room will be determined by State Library staff. The State Library reserves the right to cancel reservations when circumstances warrant; cancellations will not be made without prior notification.


Meeting room is available during library hours: Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m., except state holidays.


Requests for the use of a meeting room must be submitted to the State Library scheduler by filling out the online reservation request form. 

Meeting room use intended for one-time events or for brief series of meetings. Users may request a maximum of three separate events at any one time, and a maximum of five consecutive days in any one month. The meeting rooms are not intended for long-term training or semester-long classes.

Equipment & Technology

Teleconferencing and presentation technology are integrated into the room, including monitors on all walls, built-in cameras and microphones, and a Clickshare dongle or HDMI cable to connect to a laptop or device. Users must provide their own laptops or devices that are compatible with Clickshare in order to use the integrated room technology. A provided HDMI cable may be connected for video only presentations that do not require the room's cameras or microphones.

Room Use

  • Users may not move or rearrange the tables and chairs. Post-it notes and self-adhesive flip chart paper may be attached to the walls, other types of adhesive are not allowed. The user is responsible for leaving the meeting room in good order, and is financially responsible for any damage to or loss of library property.
  • The user is responsible for ensuring that the scheduled meeting or activity does not disturb State Library customers or other building occupants, interfere with work-related activities of staff, or interfere with the continuing conduct of state agency business.
  • Food and non-alcoholic beverages are allowed in the meeting room. All refreshments (including coffee and condiments) are to be provided by the user. Users must clean up the room and discard their own trash.
  • Smoking is not permitted anywhere on the Capitol Complex.
  • Users must comply with posted fire regulations.


The State Library is not responsible for theft or damage of personal items occurring in connection with use of the meeting rooms.

Permission to use the meeting room does not imply endorsement of, or agreement with, the purpose(s) or the expression of any individual or organization by the Iowa Commission of Libraries, State Library, or its staff.


Information Access Requests

The State Library provides copy and reproduction services for physical materials in the collections when physical condition and copyright permits. 

Copy Request Type Charge
Black & White $0.20/page
Color $0.50/page
In State Mailing Fee No charge
Out of State Mailing Fee $3.00 service charge

The State Library will not send materials that exceed standard shipping rates. 

Scan Requests Charge
Scanning Rate $0.20/page

Requests for copies or scans of materials may be requested in person at the library or by emailing General Reference or the Law Library

Remote requests for scanning are required to provide billing information to be able to accurately process the request. In-library requests will be required to pay upon delivery of the scanned materials or by setting up a billing account in the State Library's print management system.

Circulating Materials

Type Fee
Overdue Materials No fee
Lost, Unreturned & Damaged Materials Up to $100*

*Items that have been checked out for use outside of the library and become lost, unreturned, or damaged may incur replacement costs up to $100. Replacement copies will not be accepted.

Library privileges will be suspended or canceled when a patron has outstanding debt to the library.

Legal Requests from Institutionalized Iowans

The State Law Library will provide access to legal resources by mail correspondence. The requests will only be accepted when received directly from the institutionalized individual. Refer to the fees for copying in the Information Access Requests section above.