Accreditation and Standards

The Standards and Accreditation Program exists to encourage the ongoing development of high quality public library services in Iowa. In Service to Iowa: Public Library Standards is the manual for the State Library of Iowa’s standards program. Iowa’s voluntary public library standards program was established to give public libraries a tool to identify strengths and areas for improvement. It is also used to document the condition of public library service in Iowa, to distribute Direct State Aid funding, and to meet statutory requirements.


Accreditation Impacts Related to COVID-19

See a list of Accreditation impacts related to COVID-19. In general, services suspended because of COVID-19 will not affect your accreditation status as long as they are restarted once the crisis has passed. Click on the above link to see a list of Accreditation issues related to the COVID-19.

Accreditation Application for FY23 - application cycle will begin in December

All libraries with Accreditation or Tier Level expiration dates of June 30, 2022 needed to reapply by February 28, 2022. The application forms and updated supporting materials will be available in early December 2021.

New statuses for libraries that apply during that period will begin July 1, 2022.  


Application Files

Online Application Form - FY23
Online application forms will be available in December 2021. Contact Scott Dermont for more information.

Verification requirements for new standards - FY23
File available in December. Use this file to help determine what you will need to gather and submit to support your application.

Supporting Documentation Checklist - FY23
File available in December. This checklist is an aid to ensure all supporting documentation is submitted. This document is also included in the Print Application Form.

Signature Page - FY23
File available in December. All libraries submitting an application must also submit a Signature Page to certify accuracy. This document is also included in the Print Application Form.

Print Application Form - FY23
File available in December. Use the print application form as an offline aid only. All applications must be filed using the online form listed above.

ADA Checklist for Existing Facilities - For Accreditation purposes.
Use these files to help with Accreditation Standard #80.


Updated 10/6/2021.

Other Helpful Files

Help Videos for new Bibliostat Collect online software interface
These five short videos give an overview of the new Bibliostat Collect software. This software is used for the Accreditation Application form, the public library annual survey, the Direct State Aid report, and the Open Access report.

New Standards Overview
This was the handout for Scott Dermont's standards presentation at the 2016 Town Meetings.

Accreditation and Tier Status - FY22
Accreditation and Tier Status of all public libraries as of July 1, 2021 through June 30, 2022.

Prepping for Accreditation recordings and presentations - FY23
Recordings and slide presentations from the 7 Summer, Winter, and Fall, 2021/2022 Prepping for Accreditation online sessions.