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New "Find My Local Library" Interactive Map Tool from the State Library

Sep 28, 2023

Find My Local Library Map Tool News Item Image.pngA new tool is now available on the State Library website to help Iowans and visitors locate and connect with their local public library.

The “Find My Local Library” tool displays an interactive and informational map of all the public libraries in the state.

Users can filter data by county, population size, and library district. When a location is clicked, a pop up appears with library information, including address and phone number as well as links to the library website and detail page in the Iowa Library Directory.

In addition to a statewide map view, “dashboards” have been created for each of the six library districts that appear on the district information webpages.

The tool uses data from the Iowa Library Directory to populate the map information and was developed by the State Data Center. The Iowa Library Directory is an online database of Iowa library information and serves as the definitive resource used by the State Library to track information about all Iowa libraries.

Check out the new “Find My Local Library” tool below and access the district dashboards by selecting a district on the District Support landing page.

Try the “Find My Local Library” Map Tool