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Report: Impact of $2.4M Enrich Iowa Funding for Libraries

Jan 20, 2021

A report outlining the uses and impacts of the more than $2.4 million Iowa libraries received in FY20 through Enrich Iowa funding is now available. Enrich Iowa funding is appropriated annually by the Iowa Legislature and funds the Open Access, Interlibrary Loan and Direct State Aid programs offered to Iowa libraries.

The State Library administers the funding to libraries and is required by Iowa Code to submit a report each year to the Iowa General Assembly and Governor's Office on the uses and impacts. The three programs aid libraries in offering improved service to Iowans:

  • Open Access enables Iowans from participating libraries to check out physical materials at other participating libraries, providing them with direct access to more materials and information resources.
  • Interlibrary Loan Reimbursement provides Iowans with equal access to library resources by supporting loans of materials among all types of libraries.
  • Direct State Aid improves public library services and reduces inequities among communities.

The FY20 report consists of two parts: a fact-sheet style report gives an overview of the uses and impacts of Enrich Iowa Funding for the three library programs. The second file relates to the Direct State Aid program and details responses from Iowa public libraries on how funding was spent at each library. The report is organized alphabetically by county and then city.