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Web Connect for 2000 to 2022 Public Library Data

The 2000 to 2022 Public Library Statistics are available to Iowa public libraries on Bibliostat Connect.  Connect is a powerful web-based software program that offers easy access to and manipulation of Iowa public library statistics. With Connect you can quickly create rank order tables and colorful graphs and tables. You can also use tools that enable you to organize your results into a report or presentation.

Web Connect requires a login and password. The login and password are the same as those for Web Collect - the online tool used for the annual survey. The login and password were included in the Annual Survey email message. You can also use one of the generic user names and passwords listed in the sidebar on this page.

PLEASE NOTE: The URL for Web Connect changed as of 5/3/2024. Update any bookmarks that you may have saved.

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Print Help File

Web Connect Help
A printable copy of the Web Connect help files. You can also access these online while you are logged into Web Connect.

Video Help Files

We also have several YouTube help files if you'd prefer to learn that way. These are not searchable in YouTube, so you'll need to click the links below to find them.

Updated 5/3/2024