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Open Access


Open Access enables eligible Iowans to check out physical materials at over 600 participating Iowa public and academic libraries. As a result, Iowans have greater access to more library resources, more choices in library service and the convenience of using a library where they work, shop or visit.

FAQ - A list of frequently asked questions about Open Access and the rest of the Enrich Iowa funding programs.


FY24 Open Access Program (For current fiscal year)


FY24 Materials - For transactions July 1, 2023 to June 30, 2024

  • Open Access online report
    Libraries that participated in Open Access during FY24 should use this form to submit their transactions for funding. Do not submit a printed report. While the online FY24 report will be available starting July, 2024, you can still login and view previous reports using the BIbliostat software.
  • Printable Open Access Report Worksheet and instructions for FY24
    This page includes a link to the printable worksheet and instructions. The Open Access Worksheet contains the complete listing of all eligible cities in Iowa. Do not submit a printed worksheet. Use the Open Access online report for submitting your numbers.
  • Contracting cities list FY24
    Contracting cities are also listed on the Open Access Worksheet, and on the Online form. This file can be used to see a complete list of all contracting cities and cities that contain branches along with the associated libraries. This is not a complete list of eligible cities. Consult that Open Access Worksheet for the complete list of eligible cities.  This list can change over the course of the year, so check back frequently for any updates.
  • Open Access and ILL Reimbursement Report FY24 - Available in July, 2024
    Libraries that have return USPS postage for Open Access items need to fill out this shared report to claim reimbursement.. You can also use this form for claiming non-SILO Interlibrary Loan transactions. Please note that in both cases you will need to attach supporting documentation to submit the form. So make sure you have your file ready to upload when you fill this form out. The new report will be available in July, 2024.


Updated 1/8/2024