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Boardroom Series | Pay It Forward: Easing Staff and Board Transitions (Live Webinar)

May 25, 2023, 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM

Having successfully hired a new library director, does the board have another role to play in helping with orientation? We say yes! Like any other organization, libraries need to plan for staffing transitions, whether expected or unexpected. This webinar suggests practical approaches that help pave the way for new directors and ease the learning curve. We’ll look at a “Pay It Forward Checklist,” an annual calendar of program deadlines, and the board’s involvement in helping their directors through this period of adjustment. Plus, library boards should work on their own brand of transition planning … ideas for that, too!

About the Boardroom Series: In these sessions, we aim to inform and encourage Iowa library trustees. We present best practices and current trends in library board service. Participation in these webinars helps satisfy Standard #8: “All members of the library board of trustees participate in a variety of board development training each year”

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