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Lunch with the State Library (June 2024): Get Support & Stay Connected (Live Webinar)

Jun 27, 2024, 12:15 PM – 12:45 PM


Our final installment in the Lunch with the State Library series will largely feature the work of our outstanding Library Resource Technicians. These folks work hard (sometimes behind the scenes) to make sure the technology resources the State Library offers run as smoothly as possible. You’ll hear about the work they do, and how they can help you interact with these resources. We’ll close with a message from our Communications Specialist, Emily Bainter, about how to stay connected to the State Library and well informed on all of our goings-on! Lunch with the State Library is a series of short sessions designed to give library workers a high-level overview of a featured product or service available to them through the State Library of Iowa so they can most effectively take advantage of that product or service and use it in their library to serve their patrons.

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