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Big Ideas Book Discussion (February 2024): Basically Incredible (Live Webinar)

Feb 16, 2024, 9:30 AM – 11:00 AM


It’s a new year for Big Ideas Book Discussions! Up first is “Basically Incredible: Doing the Basics Consistently Leads to an Incredible Life” by Dubuque, IA author Matt Booth. Libraries have extended their community reach in impressive ways over the years: from makerspaces to STEM programming and beyond. Given all the recent advancements in library service, what would a return to our incredible basics look like? This book “argues that despite the complexity of life, it’s the simple and fundamental practices that truly make a difference…whether it’s at work or home, with colleagues, friends or family, [it] illustrates the keys to building strong habits and even stronger relationships.” About Big Ideas: State Library staff facilitate discussions using books outside of library management, but with application to libraries. Choosing books on leadership, customer service, presentation skills, etc. we connect those ideas with public library service.

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