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Security for Rural Librarians: Staying Safe at Work When Help Is Far (Live Webinar)

Dec 6, 2023, 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM


Staffers who work in larger libraries have the benefit of many support mechanisms to call on for immediate help enforcing policies, especially when it comes to dealing with challenging patron behavioral concerns. There is safety in numbers in larger branches, where you can change the ratios of confrontation and get help right away. If you work in a rural library location — which can be defined as: having a police or sheriff’s response that could be 20 minutes to two hours away; working alone or with only one or two other colleagues in the building; working in a one-room facility, with only one entrance/exit door — you need to consider every available safety and security option. This webinar is here to help. This 60-minute webinar is sponsored by the State Library of Iowa and presented by Dr. Steve Albrecht; Library Service, Safety and Security Consultant and Author, Library Security (ALA, 2015) and The Safe Library (Rowman, 2023). It will be recorded.

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