State Library Unveils Revamped Website for Libraries, Iowans, and State Employees

Jul 27, 2021

The State Library has unveiled a completely revamped website and announced a change to a .GOV domain for its main website. The new website can now be found at

The website features sections with specific information for the main audiences the State Library serves, including libraries, Iowans, and State of Iowa employees. Users can navigate the website with the new mega menu at the top of every page, which expands when hovered over to show subsections under each main section.

“We are thrilled to finally show off what many staff members have been hard at work at for more than a year now,” said State Librarian Michael Scott. “This was truly a complete rebuild of the website and makes locating information much easier for the librarians and Iowans we serve. The new .GOV domain reinforces our status as a state agency and meets requirements set at the state level for agency websites.”

The website was previously refreshed in 2014, but some content was as old as 2002, with thousands of pages and documents that hadn’t been reviewed in years. The new website required staff to review every webpage and manually add content to the new platform, ensuring that all information is up to date and accurate. The new website will continue to be updated and improved on a regular basis.

Regular visitors to the website should update their bookmarks to The previous .org URL for the State Library will be redirected to the new homepage.

The State Library welcomes questions or feedback on the new website via the Website Feedback Form.